Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I be billed?

Upon conclusion of your initial consultation, you are billed a one-time consultation fee of $195 which also covers your in-depth report analysis. Your active enrollment period is then billed at $97 per month, and covers access to PCG’s consultative services as well as processing and mailing of any and all credit related investigation letters. We do offer a “couple’s” discount. We always bill in arrears of service, and your monthly service fee is billed the same day each month, after your investigation letters have been processed and mailed. This is a "no-obligation" program, and at anytime you feel you have attained your desired results and wish to opt out of service, you may notify our team of cancellation in writing via email, or via US Mail.

2. How many points will my score increase, and is there a guarantee?

We cannot guarantee a specific outcome, however being a referral based business, we pride ourselves on creating personalized game plans based on each client’s unique credit profile and goals, setting the proper expectations at the time of enrollment, and stand behind our service level.

3. How long will this process take?

Everyone’s situation is unique, as is each person’s goal. Two clients could enroll with nearly identical credit profiles and a 580 score, and want to qualify for a 640. One may wish to cancel once loan is approved. The second may wish to further improve their credit score in order to refinance at a lower interest rate down the road. Average client is with us 90 days.

4. How will I receive updates?

The credit bureaus have 30 days within which to perform their investigations, and it can take 30-45 days to see the initial set of results in the mail. For legal privacy reasons, the credit bureaus will never share a consumer's information with a third party, and will always mail their investigation responses directly to the consumer's mailing address. These will typically arrive around the same time each month, and our incremental updates (between report pulls) are contingent upon review of these documents. It is important that you watch the mail and forward us copies of all related correspondence for our review, and we will always provide a summarized progress update in response.

5. When will I hear from you?

Throughout the initial enrollment period, you will receive regular email communications from PCG, inclusive of timeline reminders, as well as pertinent information and helpful tips related to managing your credit future. As you forward received investigation results, you will receive a customized progress update from our service team.

6. What is my FICO score, and how do I know it is improving?

PCG is not a financial institution and does not have direct access to your FICO scores. PCG works with the "meat" of the credit report, meaning the specific accounts listed that are considered potentially erroneous and that may be adversely affecting your credit standing. If you were referred to us by a mortgage lender who pulled your credit report, we can provide you with the scores reflected on that report. If we obtained or assisted you with a "soft" credit report pull, there likely are not scores reflected. Within the initial week of enrollment, you receive a detailed report analysis that provides a recommended date to have your a new credit report pulled. FICO scores may be obtained by having a mortgage lender run this report, or by visiting PCG performs a "side by side" comparison of each report to identify all improvements, as well as any new areas of concern (if applicable) and recommendations on next steps.

7. How do I contact your company with questions?

PCG is available during regular business hours by phone, fax, and email:
Phone: (866) 868-4742
Fax: (866) 987-9875

8. What is the response time?

PCG responds to all inquiries within one business day, unless otherwise notified. Response time is generally within a couple of hours, and though we typically respond in the order received, we do our best to prioritize urgent requests.

9. What do I do while I’m waiting?

Patience and cooperation are key! While you are actively enrolled in restoration, it is IMPERATIVE to keep all bills paid on time. It is extremely helpful to the process to keep an eye out on, and open ALL mail to be sure you are receiving all pertinent updates from the credit bureaus, and forwarding these to PCG for review and progress update. Please be sure to watch for, read thoroughly, and keep ALL email communication from PCG for reference points and answers to many questions that may come up throughout the process.

Still Have Some Questions?